Salesian Brigade

21, Karm Galea street

Sliema, SLM 1935







Mission Statement



To care and challenge young people for life through a programme of informal education (non formal learning) underpinned by the Roman Catholic Church and the SalesianSpirit.


Aims and Objectives


Our motto:


Ne cede malis. Do not give in to evil. Iccedix ghall-hazen


Our Patron Saint: St Sebastian


Salesian Brigade Targets:


• Human Dimension

• Social

• Recreational

• Spiritual


The Salesian Brigade strives to raise the awareness of young people to the needs of others (especially other young people) nationally and globally and encourages them to engage in activities and projects in which they can make a difference.


The Salesian Brigade encourages its members to develop as individuals by targeting, their spiritual, physical and social aspects of their life. This is done by targeting recreational activities, (that help the individual better himself/herself as a person and therefore interact better and in a more disciplined and respectful manner with other individuals).


The Salesian Brigade strives to develop good Christians and impeccable citizens through leadership, decision making and skills training.


The Salesian Brigade empowers young people by involving them in decision making at all levels of the organisation and giving responsibility appropriate to their age and aptitude.


The Salesian Brigade is sensitive to the needs and aspirations of young people of varying backgrounds, differing abilities and stages of development.










The Salesian Brigade functions as a non-governmental voluntary organisation, is non profit making, and forms part of the mission of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Malta, specifically as part of the Oratory complex in Sliema. It has its own financial organisation and presents its audited accounts annually to the Board of Directors of the Salesian Oratory in Sliema.


The Board of Directors delegates the running of the Salesian Brigades as an autonomous entity to the Core Team. It empowers the Salesian Brigade CoreTeam to work within a budget approved on a yearly basis.


All proceeds from activities and events held throughout the year (October to September) are to be properly recorded and audited, and an account is given to the Board of Directors on a yearly basis. Profits are to be directed towards the financing of activities held at the Oratory through the Board of Directors.


The Rector of the Salesian Oratory has the overall responsibility of the Salesian Brigade.



Commissioned Officers:


Commanding Officer




Chaplain/2nd Lieutenant







Sergeant Major


Segeant (s)


Corporal (s)


Lance Corporal (s)















Board of Directors


(Salesians of Don Bosco, St. Alphonsus House Sliema, House Council)


•   Rector

•   Vice-Recto

•   Administrator

•   Member


The Salesians of Don Bosco are the sole owners of the Oratory Complex and all assets within the Oratory. They appoint a  Board of Directors who become responsible for the Salesian Brigade and its activities. The Board of Directors draws up the vision and the policies for the Salesian Brigade within the Salesian Oratory Complex in Sliema. The Board draws up a five yearly Pastoral Plan and delegates the Salesian Brigade Core  Team to see to its implementation.




Salesian Brigade Core Team


The members of the Salesian Brigade Core Team are appointed directly by the Board of Directors. They serve on a voluntary basis within the team for the duration of one year, after which their appointment can be extended on the discretion of the Board of Directors.


The Core Team is responsible of the day to day running of the Brigade. It is responsible of the drawing up of the seasonal calendar of events.


The Core Team is delegated by the Board of Directors with the responsibility of the assets of the Brigade, and in drawing up rules and regulations for the day to day running of the Brigade.


It is accountable to the Board of Directors to whom it hands in a yearly report regarding the implementation of the Pastoral Plan.


Role of the SB Core Team.




The Chaplain is the main link with the Board of Directors. He is appointed directly by the Board of Directors and forms part of the same Board.


He must make sure that all initiatives of the Salesian Brigade conform with the general policies of the Board of Directors.


The Chaplain is also responsible for the general ethics of the Salesian Brigade.



Commanding Officer


The Commanding Officer chairs the meetings of the Core Team. He animates the Brigade through the Core Team and other officers as listed in the rules and regulations.


The Commanding Officer's office has a secretary and a financial controller who volunteer their services. These may also be officers of the same Salesian Brigade.


The Secretary is responsible of minuting the Core Team’s meetings and keeps communication and correspondence, both internal and external. The Secretary must also keep record of any official or legal documentation with regards to the Salesian Brigades.


The Secretary is also responsible of the archives.


The Secretary draws an annual report of all events held by the Brigade and presents it to the Core Team. The report is then presented to the Board of Directors.



Financial Officer


The Financial Officer is in charge of finances, accounting and investment activities of the Brigade. This includes monitoring all expenses and budgets within the Brigade to comply with approved policies.


The Officer provides the Core Team with an annual financial report and hands over to the Board of Directors any surplus finances so as to support other educational activities within the Oratory complex.





The Captain is second in command after the Commanding Officer.


The Captain is responsible of the running of the Brigade. He animates the officers and provides supplies and resources for planned activities.






Lieutenant (s)


A Lieutenant is responsible for the actual running of the programme prepared for the members. S/he accompanies the young members during all activities held during the Brigade meetings and other activities.











The Board of Directors calls an annual meeting of all stakeholders above to discuss and evaluate the progress of the Salesian mission within the Salesian Brigade. During the meeting all stakeholders are invited to suggest changes to the statute, roles and responsibilities, and rules and regulations if required.


Should the Salesians of Don Bosco decide to wound up the Salesian Brigades and dissolve all teams, all assets are handed over to the Salesians of Don Bosco as sole owners.